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Why Partner With Altius

Forging new paths to success


A Changing Industry.

Today’s Dentist faces an uphill climb in an industry that is ever changing. While new technologies have entered the landscape allowing for Dentists to provide a wider range of services and solutions for their patients, competition for patients and declining fees have made it much more difficult to earn a quality living. At Altius, we are working to forge new paths for success for Dentists no matter where they are in their career. Whether you are graduating into this challenging environment or are looking ahead to retirement, we have a solution that will allow you to get the maximum return on your life’s investment.


Altius Career Paths

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MOTIVATED associates looking for more

For Dentists that are looking to build their clinical skills while preparing for future practice ownership, Altius offers an attractive opportunity to make the jump from associate to owner. Dentists that have successfully completed a full-term contract (2 years) with us have the option to buy into an existing Altius practice, participate in profit sharing opportunities at their current assignment, or create a joint venture with Altius to acquire or build a new practice.

By working with Altius, you can jump start your path to true ownership while reducing the risk and cost of starting your own practice. It’s truly the best of both worlds.


  • Opportunity to create additional wealth building through ownership, distributions, and liquidity events.

  • Partnership based on trust built while working together.

  • Can invest in your current location or relocate to another area if you so desire.

  • Little to no upfront capital required for buy-in.

Dental ENTREPRENEURS - Practice owners focused on growth

For current practice owners, Altius provides you with a unique opportunity to increase the market value of your current practice(s) by 3x when you integrate with our platform. From there, you have the ability to tap into a large pool of financial resources for growth. Our team will focus on lifting the administrative burden off of you so that you can focus on quality, growth, and profitability. You remain in control of your practice and patients 100%. Together, we can create an unstoppable team.


  • You are not required to sell Altius any of your practice’s equity. You remain 100% in control.

  • Increase the value of your practice(s) by 3x the moment you complete integration into the Altius platform.

  • The ability to tap into a large pool of financial resources for growth on a non personally guaranteed basis.

  • Altius partnership provides a huge administrative lift so that you can focus on revenue producing activities.

  • Altius’ expertise can help make find ways to make your practice even more profitable by providing a large team of industry professionals.

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advanced career professionals - seeking retirement or other career opportunities

For practice owners that may be considering retiring or would like to seek a career path outside of the chair, Altius offers a new range of options through our career transition plan. By integrating with Altius, your practice(s) increase in value by 3x. This can provide you with a supercharged exit plan at sale or you can explore a variety of liquidity options including the ability to bring in an associate partner. We also have a phased exit strategy that first seeks to get you out of the chair and into a management role. This gives you an additional option vs the traditional sell and walk away path.


  • Increased practice value (3x) means you will get a lot more money when you sell all or part of your practice.

  • Phased transition plan provides additional career paths are available where you can work in a leadership or administrative role prior to retirement.

  • Retain 100% control of your practice until you are ready to transition.

  • Access to Altius’ team of professionals will help lift your administrative burden and look for ways to help your practice achieve greater profitability.