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A new kind of dental service organization.

Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, Altius Healthcare Management is transforming the DSO landscape. With a completely new vision on how a dental service organization should work, a unique opportunity exists to join a team that is 100% committed to creating maximum value for successful dental entrepreneurs ready to go to the next level of success.

Reimagined to combat the traditional dental service organization establishment, Altius believes that dentist owners should now and forever be fully in control of their practices and their patients. We back this philosophy up with a completely new partnership concept that allows dental practice owners to retain 100% of their practice equity and control.

We want to align with partners that share our vision for providing the best possible care, quality, and value to their patients. By working together, Altius and our dental partners can create an unbeatable team while unlocking the true potential of each partner and their practice(s). By sharing the workload, aligning expertise, and creating maximum financial upside for the dental partners, we believe we have created a new model for success in the dental industry.

No longer are dentists simply forced to choose between competing with DSOs or giving up control by joining them. With Altius, dental partners can explore their leadership potential, unlock their entrepreneurial drive, and build real, lasting wealth for themselves and their family.

If you are an owner of a successful dental practice and want to learn more, let’s talk. Joining Altius may just be the best decision you make in your career. If you are a dentist looking for an associate position with a career path to a partnership or you are simply looking to work in a practice where you are fully in control of how you treat your patients, we want to hear from you too.




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Learn About Our Partnership Program

Discover how our partnership program can help increase the value of your current practice(s) while providing you the necessary resources to help you grow.

Careers with Altius

Altius is always looking to hire dedicated and motivated dental providers looking for a career path. Please visit our jobs page at to see the latest openings and apply online. You can also sign up for our jobs mailing list so that you are always up to speed on all the latest openings and opportunities Altius has to offer.


What services does Altius provide?


Altius provides a full array of accounting functions that are supervised by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This includes processing accounts payable, cash flow management, preparation of financial statements, tax preparation, and expense management.

revenue cycle management

Billing and collections activities are the oxygen for any dental practice. At Altius, we have gathered a proven and experienced team capable of achieving the highest possible collections percentage while minimizing losses due to preventable mistakes.


Getting dentists into key networks and negotiating the best fees possible for the practice is a huge value add for the organization. Altius works quickly to get new providers credentialed and working in the practice while looking for opportunities to add new payors.

Human Resources

Altius manages all aspects of human resources from hiring and on-boarding to payroll, payroll tax filing, doctor pay, and time clock management. Altius is also the expert at dealing with the laws and regulations concerning the hiring and management of employees.

INformation Technology (IT)

In an era driven by computer based platforms, maintaining up time and security is a must. Altius has built a reliable, secure network infrastructure that allows us to make data available for everyone based on their needs while providing fast on demand support.

marketing & digital strategies

The Altius team combines industry experience with creativity and expertise to come up with unique and proven approaches to attracting new patients into the practice. This helps the practice ensure that it is spending its time and money on the right things to attract new patients.


The multi-faceted compliance program implemented by Altius is second to none. Encompassing regular staff training, monthly chart audits, onsite inspections, and provider analytics, our team works proactively to protect the dentists and company from outside threats.

Professional recruiting

The ability to recruit quality, high performing dental professionals is a must for any dental practice group. Altius has built one of the largest databases of dental professionals of any company and actively recruits dentists nationwide to ensure a solid pipeline of top quality providers.

Site Selection & Project MGmt

Growth is key to our success at Altius. Having built or opened over 70 dental offices, our team knows what to look for in a new practice. Combining data analytics and a vast pool of experience, we can identify and propose the best practice locations for acquisition or de novo expansion.


No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.
— Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn

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