Altius Healthcare Management


Membership has its privileges

Partnership Program Overview 

Altius is looking for motivated dental practice owners that have already built one or more successful dental practices and are looking for future expansion with a proven partner. We eliminate all the barriers to growth by providing capital, expertise, and administrative support.

This is not a passive investment opportunity. You need to be willing to work day in and out in your practice(s) for the next 5-7 years. During this time, you will be able to participate in one or more liquidity events where you can cash out part of your investment while rolling some equity forward for the next recapitalization.


The Altius Way

  1. Dentists retain 100% of equity in their practice which gives them maximum upside and liquidity in any future transaction.

  2. The value of your current practice(s) will increase by 3x the moment you join Altius and complete the integration. This can be done within 30 days.

  3. Altius provides a flat fee price for their administrative services with prices as low as $2,995 per month. This investment should almost be 100% cost neutral when you eliminate duplicated expenses at the practice level.

  4. Altius dentist partners enjoy full control over their practice, staff, and patients. Altius provides extra support, expertise, and leadership so that dentist partners can focus on revenue building activities instead of non-revenue admin tasks.

  5. With Altius, you can continue to take profit distributions on a quarterly basis so that you have the extra income you need to provide for your financial needs.


Other DSOs

  1. Other DSOs require you to sell them a substantial portion of your practice’s equity at today’s value. This gives them an instant arbitrage at your expense.

  2. Your practice(s) will also increase in value when you join the other DSOs, but you will have lost some of the equity when the DSO made the acquisition.

  3. Many other DSOs often allocate a proportional share of corporate expenses to each practice. You have no control over how this money is spent and they have no incentive to keep costs low since they can bill you for each expense.

  4. Most DSOs will exercise considerable control over their subordinate practices. This can include decisions around patient care, staffing, supplies, and scheduling. This can leave dentists feeling like they aren’t true owners.

  5. Many DSOs restrict your ability to take distributions or they layer on so many expenses, that you are no longer able to take meaningful distributions.


Benefits to Joining Altius

  • Absolutely no up front investment required by the dentist owner to join Altius.

  • Full control over your practice(s) and 100% retention of your equity. Altius only provides administrative services of a non-clinical nature.

  • Instantly increase the value of your current practice(s) by 3x the moment you join us and complete the integration. Takes less than 30 days.

  • You have the ability to participate in future liquidity events with the first being within 12-18 months and every 3-5 years thereafter.

  • Altius will provide non-recourse debt financing for future growth of your portfolio of practice(s) along with expertise in negotiating terms, site selection, and transition management.

  • Flat fee administrative services agreement with Altius with prices as low as $2,995 per practice per month. This value pricing model should be nearly cost neutral when you eliminate the current duplicated costs at the practice level.

  • Full support and backing from a proven team of industry professionals dedicated to supporting your practice and team. This administrative lift will give your team more time to focus on revenue building activities and your patients.

  • Strong compliance team will ensure your practice(s) have the best training, systems, and oversight possible to mitigate threats from government agencies, patient litigation, and employee whistleblower claims.