Altius Healthcare Management


Pay for our services, not our fancy office space.

At Altius, we spend our money like it’s our money, not someone else’s. We built this DSO platform to be highly functional but cost effective. We want to pass that savings onto you.

With prices as low as $2,995 dollars per month, you can affiliate your practice with Altius with no other investment required.

And when you compare the amount of money you will save by eliminating duplicated costs at the practice level, it’s about as close to FREE as you can get.


(Valued at $800 per month)

Altius provides affiliated practices with a full range of accounting services included in your administrative services agreement. This is everything you need to run your practice from timely financials to tax preparation. Monthly software costs are included.

What is included

  1. Monthly generation of profit & loss statement and balance sheets with benchmarks for industry performance

  2. Management of accounts payable

  3. A quickbooks online account so you have access to your financials 24x7

  4. Assistance with setup of entities and tax IDs

  5. Assistance with your personal or business financial needs

  6. Business entity tax preparation and filing of returns

What is Not included

Direct costs to the practice are not included. These can include tax or entity filing fees, setup fees, practice level expenses, or any fees for accounting services done by anyone other than Altius. Does not include personal tax returns.


(Valued at $1,000 per month)

Altius has a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach to compliance. Our team of industry experts within and contracted by Altius allows us to have the highest degree of confidence that we are doing everything we can to mitigate the risk to the practices from outside and inside threats.

What is included

  1. Comprehensive training program that begins when each employee joins the company. From there, each practice and employee will participate in training each quarter to ensure they understand their duties and requirements to follow existing regulations and laws. Each training session and the participants are documented so that we are covered in the event something happens.

  2. We conduct quarterly office inspections to ensure all safety protocols and regulatory standards are being followed at each office. Any deficiency that is identified will be presented to the dentist owner with advice on how it can be corrected. This keeps you in the loop on what is going on inside your practice.

  3. Monthly chart audits help you ensure that your patient’s records are complete and meet the standards and guidelines put forth by the state board and insurance payors. We audit at least 10 charts per office per month to identify any deficiencies. Those reports will be made available to you so that you can work with your team to correct those problems.

  4. Our team also manages upset patients, patients that threaten to sue, or circumstances where the clinical outcome did not meet expectations. We proactively work to mitigate the issue, ensure that the patient is taken care of, make sure all documentation is put in the patient file, and if necessary, work with our legal team to help prepare a defense on your behalf.

  5. Altius has also developed a platform whereby we can monitor each providers treatment analytics to ensure that we are not significantly outside the statistical mean compared with other providers of dental services.

  6. We review and archive all marketing and promotional materials, campaigns, and strategies to ensure compliance with all interested agencies.

  7. We provide and maintain all office compliance binders, staff & dentists licensing, and other credentials so that they do not expire without our knowing it.

  8. We also contract with 3rd parties to provide outside counsel and advice for our compliance team. This includes legal counsel from a firm that provides support to dentists that have faced legal action from the OIG or other governmental agencies.

What is not included

Direct costs to the practice are not included. These can include legal fees, travel costs for sending trained personnel to your practice, investments in small equipment needed to bring the practice in compliance, staff licensing costs, etc. We also do not make any policies on the behalf of your practice. We will make recommendations to you as the practice owner as well as the consequences of not taking action, but you must decide whether you want to implement those changes. Think of it as “Observe & Report.” However, if we find that you or your practice is substantially or willfully violating codes of ethics or engaging in fraud, we reserve the right to terminate the business relationship.

Human Resources

(Valued at $500 per month)

Altius manages all aspects of human resources from hiring to termination. Utilizing state of the art HR platforms, cloud technologies, and advanced workflow management, we can keep you fully up to speed on managing your personnel.

What is included

  1. Online on boarding of all staff to include HR training on key compliance and employment topics.

  2. An HR manual customized to your practice.

  3. A cloud based, time clock management system for your employees. This system will also manage PTO, payroll deductions, benefits, tax elections for each employee, as well as their employee file. It features customized workflow to approve hours, time off requests, and overtime warnings.

  4. Payroll and benefits processing for staff and doctors based on your practice’s benefit offering.

  5. Consulting on how to deal with common employee issues at the practice in order to reduce the risk of employee litigation.

What is Not included

Direct expenses to the practice are not included such as payroll taxes, payroll processing fees, legal fees, benefits, PTO, or any such item.

Revenue Cycle Management

(Valued at 5-7% of revenue per month or $4,000-$5,000 per month for an average practice)

Altius provides point to point management of your billing processes. From the time we touch a claim until the time a payment is entered, you and your team will know what is happening with your practice collections. You can choose whether to have Altius handle your complete revenue cycle management needs or whether you only want Altius to provide supplemental support to supercharge your A/R and free your staff’s time to focus on revenue building activities.

What is included - Can Be Customized

  1. 100% of claim audits before they are submitted for payment. This ensures only clean claims are submitted.

  2. Posting of payments and deposit reconciliation

  3. Researching and working accounts receivable (A/R) to discover unpaid claims eligible for appeal or resubmission.

  4. Performing write-offs that have been approved by you or your designate.

  5. Providing training with your staff and doctors as necessary on best practices to ensure maximum collectability.

What is Not included

At this time, soft collections are not included. If there are patient balances after a claim has been adjudicated, the practice would be responsible for pursuing the patient portion. We anticipate being able to add that in the future.

Information Technology (IT)

(Valued at $750 per month)

Altius maintains a secure network infrastructure that is reliable, scalable, and accessible. We utilize a wide range of proven, cloud based technologies to access data wherever our teams are working. With one phone call, you can be assured that our team will work through any issues until the problem is solved, even if we have to collaborate with other vendors.

What is included

  1. Unlimited remote support from a qualified IT help desk technician Monday through Saturday. (Certain holidays excluded).

  2. Anti-Virus software and off-site backup with monitoring & data integrity testing.

  3. SQL database connectors and access to a data warehouse for your practice to run our proprietary business intelligence platform. You will also receive one or more licenses to access this software.

  4. Setup of new users when they join the practice as well as removing users that no longer need access to data.

  5. Access to the Altius company intranet to facilitate back office requests and business support tools.

  6. New practice acquisition or de novo data planning & budgeting support.

  7. Emails through Office 365 for the office, office manager, employee doctors, and owners.

What is Not included

Any onsite repairs or installation of hardware, equipment. Any onsite site planning will require travel costs. Any support costs outside of what we can provide such as practice management software support fees, support plans for imaging or other vendors that have a cost for technical support. If you adopt the weave VOIP phone system, the hardware and monthly fees are also not included.

Dentist Recruiting

(Valued at $15,000 per hire)

Altius recruits nationally to find the most qualified and competent providers for our company. We maintain a massive database of applicants as well as a large mailing and text campaign list that numbers in the thousands. With 3 full time employees dedicated to hiring and on boarding dentists, you can be assured we can find the right fit for you.

What is included

  1. Posting job openings for your practice.

  2. Pre-screening of qualified candidates based on your criteria.

  3. Setup of interviews both by phone and onsite.

  4. Coordination of working interviews and travel as needed.

  5. Help drafting contracts for your dentist hire. -We always recommend having a qualified attorney review them.

  6. On-boarding and credentialing for your new provider.

  7. Help finding part time, temps and locum doctors as needed. Also includes drafting of the substitute agreements.

What is Not included

Any expense where we have to pay a recruiter or temp agency. Cost of job post ads. Travel costs for any provider. Legal costs to review contracts. Any expense associated with temp or locum doctors.


(Valued at $150 per month)

By navigating all the complexities of the credentialing process in an expert fashion, the team at Altius can cut through the barriers and get doctors credentialed and working in the practices quickly. They are also experienced in negotiating the best possible fees for the practices and finding new payors to bring in extra revenue. With the right strategies in place, you and your team can work smarter, not harder.

What is included

  1. Credentialing of all your providers in the networks of your choice, including medicaid and DMO. This includes part time and temp doctors.

  2. Working with your team to identify new payors in your area that you want to contract with and then working to negotiate the best possible fees for you.

  3. Pulling fee schedule reports on an annual basis and comparing them against your UCR to determine if you would benefit from an increase in your fees.

  4. An updated database that is available to your staff that shows all providers active and in-network by name and location.

  5. Re-credentialing as needed to maintain active status with all payors.

What is Not included

Any direct expense that is incurred by the practice.

Marketing & Digital Strategies

(Valued at $300 per month)

The Altius team combines industry experience with creativity and expertise to come up with unique yet proven ways to attract new patients to your practice. We propose ideas based on your practice, the patients you serve, and the services you want to promote. We then track results and work with you to adjust the strategy based on what is working and what isn’t. That way, you are investing in the right strategies instead of just wasting money.


  1. Discovery of your current marketing needs and assistance preparing a marketing budget.

  2. Preparing a plan of action to market your practice based on the budget proposed.

  3. Help with designing marketing materials and crafting the right message for your patient base.

  4. Sourcing of flyers and vendors to help reduce costs.

  5. Management and ROI tracking of all planned marketing initiatives.

  6. Ensuring all marketing ads and strategies are compliant before they are launched.


Any direct expense that is incurred by the practice such as cost of materials, design, or shipping. Any fees associated with digital ads such as pay per click, monthly fees, etc.

Site Selection & Project Management

(Valued at $7,000 per project)

Growth is the key to your future success. At Altius, we have brought together a team of experts that have experience building or acquiring over 70 dental offices. That means that our folks know what to look for and how to get the best deal. It also means we know how to handle the transition or project management from day one. Along the way, you can tap into our years of experience of saving time and money when building or buying your new practice. With Altius, you really reduce the risk when you have a team at your side helping you through the decision making process.


  1. Review and analysis of any proposed practice acquisition or de novo practice build.

  2. Proforma financial projections to help ensure we make smart financial investments.

  3. Work with brokers to find hidden jewels for acquisition before they are offered to the market.

  4. Preparation of budget for new projects along with assistance finding outside contractors needed to support the project.

  5. Help with competing bids to ensure maximum cost savings.

  6. Assistance with any negotiations with the landlord, vendors, sellers, or other interested parties.


Any direct expense that is incurred by the practice such as brokers fees, equipment, software, hardware, travel costs, supplies, etc.